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Buzdars in Pakistan

Buzdars are living in Pakistan for hundreds of years. About on millions buzdars live in various parts of Pakistan i.e. Mangrotha, Tribal Area, Mithewali, Nutkani, Kot Addu, Layyah, Sikhani Wala, Mehray Wala and Interor Sindh. Basically Buzdors and other Baloch tribes migrated from Greece hundreds of years ago. Their root of migration was from Greece to Turkey, Iraq (Masopotima), Iran and Finally to Baluchisnt (Now Province of Pakistan. We never known that many buzdors lived in Eastern Europe, Europe and USA. By we came to know that many brothers are living outside Pakistan.

USA Buzdors

There are a very few Buzdor families in the USA. There is one family in the Midwest, and a few others in the West, Alaska, and in the Southeast.

To the best of our knowledge, the Alaskan, Midwest, and Southeastern familes are descendents of one or more immigrants from Hungary between 1875 and 1915. There are living members of the second, third, fourth, and fifth generation from the immigrants now in the USA.