Roy Buzdor

I am Roy Buzdor.

I live in the United States and I have a degree in Chemistry. I have been working with computers for more than two decades.

I guess I am the "patriarch" of our branch of the Buzdor family, although, in the US, that does not mean very much as each family is very self-contained. We do not keep in very close contact with our extended families (married brothers or sisters, cousins, uncles, or grand-parents) as other societies do.

Nathan Buzdor, the founder of this web site, and Buzdor.Com was my eldest son. Now that he has passed away, the responsibility for the site falls to me.

I really appreciate all of the Buzdors/Buzdars/Bozdors from all around the world posting here. I know that it was important to Nathan. It helped him to feel connected to a greater community than just our little family.

Thank you.

Roy Buzdor