My son with his son.

Here is my son, Michael, with his first child, Payton Connor.

My First Grandchild

On April 13, my son, Michael Buzdor, and his wife, Katie, had their first son, Payton Connor.

I will upload some pictures soon.

Roy Buzdor

I Am Sorry

I apologize for the spam in this account.

I have been watching the main page to make sure that no one over-wrote our web page with anything, but I did not think to check the comments.

I found that some one filled the comments with advertisments. I have deleted all those comments, and hopefully I have kept all the posts in tact.

I have also changed the permissions so that from now on only members can comment, and in order to become a member, an administrator must approve your membership.

I hope this will keep our website more on a family basis. We are all part of the Bozdor/Buzdar/Buzdor family.

Roy Buzdor

I am Roy Buzdor.

I live in the United States and I have a degree in Chemistry. I have been working with computers for more than two decades.

I guess I am the "patriarch" of our branch of the Buzdor family, although, in the US, that does not mean very much as each family is very self-contained. We do not keep in very close contact with our extended families (married brothers or sisters, cousins, uncles, or grand-parents) as other societies do.

Nathan Buzdor, the founder of this web site, and Buzdor.Com was my eldest son. Now that he has passed away, the responsibility for the site falls to me.

Yunus Buzdar

My name is muhammad Yunus Ali Buzdar I am born at Mithewali Pakistan and have done my Master Degree in Commmerce from BZU Multan and now student of ACCA UK Part 2.
I am working as Finance Manager at Multan Enterprises(Pvt)Ltd.My futur ambitions are to do research work on Interest free banking after completion of ACCA.I am currently residing at walayat Abad Multan.

One less Buzdor.

I am Roy Buzdor. Nathan was my eldest son. I am sorry to report that Nathan lost a 3-year battle with cancer on July 19, 2006.
He fought hard to the end, and he died like a man.

I intend to keep the Buzdor web-sites, Buzdor.Com, Buzdor.Net and Buzdor.Org available as long as possible, and I will try to keep them to the same projects that Nathan had set up, so Buzdor.Net will continue to be an international gathering for the community of Buzdors.

Roy Buzdor

A Cute Pakistani Buzdar Kid

a cute pakistani buzdar kid

Daniel Buzdar

By: Khalid Buzdar


Amythyst cluster

This is an Amythist cluster from far, far away. I placed it here to walk through the image process.

Adding Pictures

You can add pictures to your blog entries. Use the

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I'm one of the Midwest USA Buzdor family. I have a degree in Math and Computer Science. If you're a Buzdor, sign on and introduce yourself in your Blog section.

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